One day, one stage!

12:00 PM - Kevin Bones

1:00 PM - The Hailey’s

The Haileys are an alternative rock band from Winnipeg, Writing tunes inspired by the polish of modern rock and the grit of classic rock, these girls put on a high-energy show that will invoke your inner rock and roller.

2:00 PM - FOWLER

FOWLER is an alternative band from Winnipeg. Their upbeat and energetic vibe of original groovy melodies are sure to get listeners on their feet.

3:00 PM - Those Folks

Locals Ida Henderson and Andy Chamberlin are back at it again!

4:00 PM - Trio Los Laureles

Latin American guitar and three-part harmony create warm rhythms and beautiful melodies.

5:15 PM - Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir

We’re not a choir, we’re a band performing predominantly original songs that feature all the things we love: harmony, washboards and dogs. Warning: Strong language, alternative lifestyles, banjo.

6:30 PM - The Reverend Rambler

The Reverend Rambler (AKA Matt Colpitts) a one-man band with passionate rhythm and blues-inspired tunes will have your foot stompin all night long.

7:45 PM - The Sunshine Bunch

The talented drag queens, who are part of the drop-in program at Winnipeg resource centre Sunshine House, use a combination of storytelling and lip-syncing in their performance. The energy is infectious, the performances are lively and animated, and the outfits are flashy!

9:00 PM - Dr Henry Band

Dr. Henry band's cool sound is shaped by their West African roots, neo-soul and polyrhythmic jazz. 

10:15 PM - Slow Leaves

Grant Davidson is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician. Finger-picked guitar forms the heart of his songs. Davidson’s voice is fragile and assured. His music could exist as comfortably in the ‘70s as it does in today’s age of curated images and hollow soundbites when vulnerability can be seen as defiance and sincerity as radical.

11:30 PM - Dill The Giant

Dill the Giant is a Winnipeg-based rap artist and first-generation Jamaican-Canadian. 

Late Night - campfire jams

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